HOW TO STOP BEING LAZY and become focused

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the number one reason for us not reaching the goals we set up for ourselves is, in my opinion, that we’re lacking focus, self-discipline, and drive. our world today has become so filled with distractions, options, and noise that it’s hard to tune out the world and focus on ourselves and our goals.

both david and i have become really good at focusing though ( the exception being david the day filmed this video ^.^ ) and that’s why we’re able to get up early every morning and work from home without procrastinating or putting things off to the future. we do what we set out to do every day. sure, sometimes we don’t have enough time to tick off all of the things on today’s to-do list, but it’s not because we’re wasting what precious time we have. we are time-efficiency mean machines !

we’ve collected a few tricks over the last couple of years as self-employed, and we wanted to share them with you. because nothing would make us happier than to see each and everyone of you reach those goals of yours. go for it guys !

recently i’ve been so interested in talking about goals, dreams, and – not least – how to realise them. i think it’s because i know for the first time feel like i have the life i want to have. i have my dream life. not sure what happened there but after years of struggle, i’m now at ease. sure, there are still a gazillion different things i want to accomplish, experience, and go after. but those things are just spices on an already deliciously prepared life.

if you want some inspo on how to believe in yourself enough to go after your dreams, read my latest column here.

love // jenny & david

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  1. I’m a little behind catching up with your posts…. Loved this one, as a Coach I work on this stuff a lot with my clients. Thank you for bringing back the Sunday breakfast (ok: tea!) videos! I really enjoy watching you two interact :-)

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