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shit happens. what more can i say ?
no matter how much time we spend on sorting our lives out, we constantly get reminded that life really isn’t sortable. so whenever you’re thrown a curveball that hits you right in the face, it’s easy to lose faith and get into that negative space. i know i do this quite often, and it’s no walk in the park, right ?

but luckily, there is as much beauty in the world as it is ugliness ! here goes, my best tips for breaking that negativity thought circle, and get back on track. i hope these tips helps you as much as they have helped me.

by the way, did you listen to our last podcast episode ?
there we talk about one of those shitty days when everything goes wrong and you just want to scream, hide, and give up on life. we learned a lot from that day though, so hope you enjoy the episode !
listen here or on your fav podcast app.

love // jenny

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by the way, how gorgeous is this studio ?
it’s our lovely friends laura & nora of our food stories studio and they had us over for a happy and super hygge breakfast the other day.
our other favourite blogger couple olja & maurizio of omocado were also there for some brekkie. we’re so lucky to have such supportive and inspiring friends in the blogger community, it’s like we’re a little crew ^.^



  1. Loreen Ialazzo

    Hi Jenny, very good topic! Thank you. You have asked for questions: could you please tell, how to do a podcast? I would love to know your advice. Thank you. Loreen

  2. Hey Jenny! I just started visiting your blog recently so maybe you already did more on these topics, but I always enjoy listening to you talk about being positive with simple thoughts. Be it food or a mindset, sometimes you need to be remembered of the obvious joys in life, which is what you do for me. Vielen Dank dafür und alles Liebe!

  3. En guide om Berlin vore episkt! Särskilt om något nytt och fantastiskt har dykt upp.

    Eller också bara vidare diskussioner om vad det är som gör att ni trivs i Berlin :)

  4. Like positivity, negativity or suspicion also has a unique sentimental fingerprint. It can severely reduce the quality of life, prevent the person from attaining his ambitions, and increase the production rate of stress hormone. It is beyond just a circumstantial mental make-up. In other words, it is an unhealthy lifestyle. The person needs to admit that he is a negative person, unearth his negative thought patterns, and follow the above guidelines, by which he can stop himself from being negative and positively improve his life.

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