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good morning ! let’s start fresh with a video on how to stop wasting time and simplify your lifestyle and routine.
because we’ve all been there – putting things off and procrastinating, feeling like we’re stressing out instead of just getting to it. and since we’re both really good at this whole being time efficient and productive thing, we thought we’d share our best tips on how to plan your time, getting a mean to-do list going, and feeling motivated to deal with our everyday tasks and projects.

if you’re a procrastinator, we’ve got your back !

btw, how fun it is to have sunday breakfast with you guys in a hotel bed !?
we stayed a few nights in the hollywood hills view suite at the super gorgeous line hotel in koreatown. a big thanks to all of you who recommended we stay there, it was so lovely and that view was to die for. and of course an even bigger thank you to the line for having us over and treating us to breakfast in bed ^.^

for lots more from ur trip, check out my instagram and insta stories !

love // jenny & david

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  1. David Miners

    while listening to your podcast I’ve set up my own website + started to develop my personal brand. You guys have an amazing impact, great video as always! :)
    greetings from Berlin! :)

  2. To be honest: I don’t like your videos. They are way too long and I get bored in the first seconds. Would love to read more instead of looking at videos.

  3. I love your videos because i need them in my every day life; you are refined ,funny and authentic. I am a french student studying english language, literature, history and grammar; i love to read to write to sing to cook and so on .. and you give me some fresh air every time ,i love to organize myself but now i am near final exams and i feel that your videos are the perfect reward i need.
    best regards from France ;)

    • jennymustard

      hihih glad you liked it ! looking forward to seeing you sooooon in berlin !!

  4. Your videos are my favourite type of content! You write well, you podcast well, but there’s something about the clean aesthetics and cut of the videos, that makes them perfect :-)

    As a life coach, I nodded along to the anti-procrastination tips. Thanks for that, and enjoy your timw away (oh and if you could send us some spare sunshine to Ireland, that would be brilliant…)!

  5. Hej Jenny
    Vill gärna se fler videos tex minimilism packning för en vecka eller två ?
    Ska du resa mer i år ?
    Tror du skulle älska Japan Tokyo de har mycket minimilism där
    Är du intresserad ekologisk och zero waste
    Kram från Sverige

  6. The room you’re staying in is extremely beautiful. So good to hear that you’re having a nice time. Another useful video from the Mustards. I definitely procrastinate to much, I have to admit, but I try hard not to do that. I think your tips will help me in that matter. My favourite advice was number 6, calling a friend. I have to try that out! Thanks for sharing! Cheers.

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