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just two more days guys, and then we’re on a plane to LA. if i close my eyes i can almost feel the sun on my face already !

ok, so we have just started packing a little bit, making lists of all the equipment and items we want to bring on our four week trip. actually, ever since i started making content on minimalism, you guys have asked me to share how i pack as a minimalist. i’ve never talked about this subject before, simply because i’m not a minimalist packer. the only minimalist thing about my packing is my gorgeously sleek luggage, that tumi generously just sent me ( lucky girl, huh? ) but there’s nothing minimal about the amount of stuff i put into them i can assure you ^.^

i’ve always been a heavy packer. sometimes coming back from a trip realising that i’ve only used about half of the stuff that i brought with me. i have been thinking about reducing the amount of things i take with me on trips, but to be honest, i really don’t want to. it doesn’t work for me.

i’m into fashion. i love dressing beautifully and spending time picking my outfit. i get so much joy out of coming up with new and exciting ways to style and layer old pieces of clothing. and it’s important to me to be able to dress in a way that matches my mood for the day. it’s a way of expressing myself, and i feel down when i’m restricted in my style. besides, i’m a fashion blogger. it would be difficult to do my job without bringing items to style myself with, huh ?

so to be able to go on long trips like this without feeling dragged down or disorganised by the amount of clothes and equipment that we bring, keeping things neat is key !
i pack a mean bag, let me tell you. i have sections for each type of item ( knickers over there, tops rolled and packed in this corner, trousers folded neatly over here ), and i do my best to keep the clothes as neatly rolled or folded two weeks into the trip, as when i first packed them. with varying results, but i do my best !

i’ve never owned a matching set of luggage before, and it gives me more pleasure than what’s reasonable i think ^.^
i can’t wait to stroll into the airport feeling hella fly with these black beauties. it will make traveling for work with all our equipment and stuff a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. it makes me look forward to the trip even more, to have a quality set of tumi luggage instead of our old half-broken bags we’ve been using since forever. i think david has had his old luggage for like 17-18 years actually. he really needed an upgrade !

ok, off to pack the last few bits and pieces now. wish me luck !

love // jenny

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  1. First off, love, love, love the luggage! It’s gorgeous. I am always wanting black but I worry about losing it as everyone has black luggage. Ugh, the bane of loving black.
    Quick note from your podcast❤
    Watch out for Mexican food! David said Mexican food is great: beans, rice, guacamole. Where I agree with this, most California beans are made with lard(pig fat)! Guacamole (mayonnaise), rice(chicken broth). Not everywhere, but I wanted you to be aware.
    Hope you love LA. Consider putting San Diego on your list of travel plans It’s beautiful

  2. Loooovvvveeee the luggage!!! Hope you enjoy LA and the sunshine. The artist that cuts/colors my hair also taught me how to pack, and her tips changed my traveling forever! Pick shoes first (she limits to 3 pair….hard to do!), pick general category (beach, city, outdoors), pick main colors so everything works together (I usually go neutral + 1 color), wear heavy stuff on the plane or leave it at home if you can (think lighter warmer layers, no jeans…tights instead), double duty as many items as possible, take a scarf and some fun accessories, and weigh it before you leave your bedroom! It works for me!

    Happy travels….love your work and really having fun seeing more of David!

  3. When we go on holiday we want to look good and be able to match our outfits to our mood. I totally understand why aren’t you a minimalist when it comes to packing. Who wants to feel restricted during vacation?! Have a great trip and I can’t wait to hear about it and see the photos.

  4. Maybe this is why you don’t like to travel? You are carrying more than you normally do and need to make sure everything is still with you everywhere? No shame, just curious questions :)

  5. Är detta minimilism packning ?
    Är mer än vad jag tar
    Jag reste med mitt i mellan resväska och nu gått över till en dagsryggsäck

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