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a few days ago, i got these beautiful shelves from SHAPES. they are also designed by mater, you know as in the lamp and gorgeous wooden chairs i’ve been showing you in my apartment update posts.

when we figured out that we wanted to build ourselves some sort of kitchen island, we decided to get in touch with SHAPES once again, since we love our other mater products so much. and they kindly helped us out with these shelves or blocks from the mater box system.

once we’ve figured out how we’ll use them in the kitchen, i’ll show you of course. but before that i wanted to just have fun and style a little shoot with these babies. something inspired by autumn – darker colours, spending long weekends at home, brewing tea and reading reading reading like there’s no tomorrow.
it’s called hibernation, people ! it’s necessary.
at least in my book.


like with this box system, the beauty of most of the things we’ve been getting to our apartment is that they will work in any flat we happen to move to next ! these shelves can be styled and combined in so many different ways, so we won’t have any trouble finding use for them even if they won’t be needed in our next kitchen.

also in these pics are a few of our new fav additions to the flat – the stunning glass iphone speaker, and the black pots and pans that have been upping our cooking game big time.


in this styling :
mater box system and lamp from SHAPES
black pots and pan from eva solo
glass iphone speaker and wine glasses from holmegaard
kähler plates and bowls
citrus squeezer, and salt & pepper grinders from connox
nuance steel jug
by lassen stool
grey kitchen towel from södahl
beige kitchen towels from aquanova
( sponsored products )

for more home styling inspo – check out my latest interior posts !

love // jenny

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  1. They look good but I’m not the fan of browns

    I’ve got an off topic question. Do you like living in Berlin? Is it easy to speak just English? I’m from London and I feel extremely exhausted… I’m trying to find a nice country to live where ‘weirdos’ are welcome

  2. As much as I am enjoying all the new furniture and clothing pictures and videos, I am wishing for more of your gorgeous cooking videos!

    More planned for the future? Please??

    :) meg

  3. That glass iphone speaker is ridiculous! I love it!

    Your interior/apartment update posts are so interesting to me. My husband and I watched your first apartment update video together today, when you had virtually no furniture, and it got us into a fascinating conversation about how we build our space and what our intentions are as we do so. We’re not minimalists, but we’re quite conscious about consumption. We move fairly frequently, so it was really interesting to take a minute to reflect on the process we have for making a new space our home. We started talking about cultural differences in the way we construct our spaces, too (we’re Americans living in China, so between your perspective and the massive differences between America and China, there’s a lot of ground to cover there). Another interesting difference is that everywhere we’ve lived together has been pre-furnished, so a part of our process is dealing with an excess of furniture. For example, our current apartment is about 800 sq ft/75ish sq meters (I think), but it came with eleven chairs. What the hell are two people going to do with eleven chairs??

    Anyway, thanks for consistently inspiring and thought-provoking content!

  4. Such versatile pieces those boxes are. They can be arranged in any way and in any space. Love the idea behind it!

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