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now i’m completely useless with plants. i like eating them. taking care of them ? a whole other story. me and david both have the opposite of green fingers. every plant we’ve ever owned has passed away – and they go quickly too !

david even made a short film about one of our plants once, called water for smokey – a stop motion vid about one of our near-dead plants taking the matter into his own hands, by jumping into the shower and getting his watering done.

so i’m not exaggerating when i say that bouquets are much more our forte. you buy the flowers, put them in water, they stay nice for a week or two and you don’t have to do anything with them. one day i will buy a precious plant and learn how to take care of it though. i think i would like that. i guess it’s about growing up – it’s such an adult thing to do to ask your neighbours to water your plants while you go on holiday, right ?

flower1  flower4  flower7 flower8

but for now, let’s stick to the bouquets. i like carnations. firstly because they’re one of david’s favourite flowers. secondly because they’re cheap and stay fresh for ages ! they’re also humble and laid-back, they don’t take over the whole room with scent, colour or size. we usually get white ones which looks very fresh with the green stems. but they didn’t have white ones last time we bought (like maybe 2 weeks ago and they’re still this fresh), so we got pale pink. that purple flower i have no idea what it’s called but we’ve had it for over a month and it’s showing absolutely no signs of giving up whatsoever.

instead of buying generic vases i like using recycled glass bottles and jars. these are an old rice vinegar bottle, a pickles jar, and david’s old chilli sauce bottle. i like using tall, narrow vases because this way, the bouquets doesn’t get to big. when we buy a dozen carnations, that one bouquet will be split into 6 vases and that’s enough for the entire flat. and it looks quite cute.


now i’m off browsing some vintage furniture shops !
hope you’re having a lovely day too ^^

love // jenny

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