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i know a bunch of you out there are curious about our new apartment, so here goes – i want to show you our new bedroom !

it’s the weirdest room in the flat, since it’s so narrow and long. we just about fit a bed and our chest of drawers in there, so it’s quite a big change from our last huge bedroom, remember ?
the narrowness made it really hard to photograph for you guys, but i did my best ^.^

i like it this way though, we spend so little time in our bedroom, so we don’t want it to eat up too many square meters of the place. we just want to sleep comfortable in a calming space, and that’s about it.


a couple of week’s ago, we got this gorgeous new bed frame as a gift from our friends at JOHANENLIES. the design is exactly what we wanted, it fits perfectly within the narrow space. luckily so, since we decided on it when we were still in the other apartment ^.^
the colour shade is just perfect, don’t you think ? it’s whitewashed wood, with almost a cool pink tone. i think it looks so serene against the white bed linen.

i really wanted to tell you guys about JOHANENLIES, because besides from being excellent designers, they’re also the sweetest people ! they’re just about to open a shop here in berlin, and i just wish them all the success they deserve ^.^
i’m super grateful to have one of their pieces in my home, and (teaser alert) there’s one more of their designs on the way ! will of course show you that one later too.

for all of you in berlin – they will open their shop on mulackstraße in the beginning of march, and they’ll have a capsule collection with furniture made out of reclaimed oak, natural stones and steel, which i’m dying to see.

oh man, you guys – after spending 2.5 years without a home of my own, i can’t tell you how nice it is to finally have our own home office, studio and kitchen to style and share with you !
moving around with just our suitcases was great, having a beautiful place of our own is greater.

love // jenny

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  1. It’s beautiful! My bed’s rather minimalist too, but not as posh, haha – it’s from IKEA, also natural wood, very simple, and I love it.
    Can’t wait to see more of your new flat!

  2. I like that the design is simple, but also takes into account toes. So many minimalist bed frames go to the ground can pose a threat to toes. Beautiful!

  3. Oh hi Jenny! I found your apartments are always so appealing to me!The design is great too. So, congratulation on your move~!

  4. Chantale Desjardins

    I love it. Sleeping in a beautiful, calm, peaceful environment is so important. Thank you for sharing.

  5. You got a bed frame!!!

    I love the clothes racks, I think that’s one of my favorite features of your room.

  6. This is inspirational as I am in the moving process and want clean shapes, cool colors and wooden décor.

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