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time for a little apartment update, don’t you think ?

we’re planning to shoot our next episode in our ‘apartment tour‘ video series soon, but why not show you a few snaps of how our bedroom is coming along.

after a few weeks on the air mattress, our bodies virtually sighed with relief when we got our new memory foam mattress* from casper. when we were in portland last year we spent almost a month on one of these babies, so we already knew beforehand that we would like it.

if you’re looking for a new mattress, casper has a promo code for €50 off your first mattress : PerfectSleep
hope that’s helpful to anyone out there who’s also tired of air mattresses ^.^


let’s talk about these bedside tables. which they’re of course not – they’re more like display shelves*, but we thought they’d make excellent and unusual nightstands. you just lean them against the wall, so no drilling needed. they frame the bed quite nicely, we’re so pleased.

they’re from makers with agendas, who also made the beautiful clothing rail i showed a pick of on my instagram the other day.

lovely vases right ?
a beer bottle and a tomato sauce bottle. budget flower arrangements, heck yeah.

*sponsored product


here’s to peaceful sleep, one of the most valuable things in the world.

love // jenny

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  1. Hello Jenny and David,
    I LOVE your apartment updates!
    Minimalist myself I enjoy living in an apartment with few things, keeping it with a lot of space. This month we are moving back to Germany with my partner and our son, moving into an completely empty apartment. So thanks for inspiring us with your posts!

  2. One question about the mattress: We prefer hard mattresses instead of soft. Could you please tell us how about Caspar’s mattress? Thank you so much!

    • jennymustard

      in my opinion, the mattress is quite firm. it doesn’t move like a normal mattress since it’s memory foam. it’s firm without being hard i would say :)
      good luck with your move !! x

  3. these shelves look so beautiful! unfortunally 260 per each is a bit too pricy for me since I moved from my parents house a month ago and had to buy everything new… but nevertheless so lovely!

  4. There’s nothing quite like a good mattress to sleep on! I finally got my own last autumn and it still feels like heaven every time I lie down.

    Beautiful “bedside tables” there :-)

  5. Fernanda Ribeiro

    I have to say I loved the shelves, great ideia! Simple, chic and pretty

  6. Your bedroom looks so nice! I just wanna give you a hint about sleeping on the floor directly: I know it´s the best for your back and spine to sleep on a hard bedding, but I was sleeping like this for quite some time and then discovered that my matress was having mold on the bottom, because it couldn´t breathe while lying directly on the floor. So I bought cheap foldable duckboards from ikea to give it a little air circulation and now theres no more mold growing. Also if you have that it could grow into your beautiful wooden floor. So I just thought I should “warn” you so you don´t lose your beautiful new matress to the fungus! ;) Or maybe you have your own solution for that problem already figured out, then let me know! :) Much love from Vienna!

  7. I am IN LOVE with this! So clean, simple, and calming. Bedrooms can become too much too fast, almost overstimulating when it’s the place you’re supposed to unwind and sleep. Thank you for posting this! On a side note, I’ve been binge-watching your YouTube channel.

    Lots of love and hugs from Missouri, USA.

  8. Like other people, I just wanted to echo how calming your interior space is. I don’t think I could live quite as minimalistic as that, but nevertheless you’ve given me the impetus to have another Grand Clear-out at home and donate books I don’t need to charity as well as other stuff I haven’t used in a while. Even just looking at the pictures over the internet, I feel a sense of calm – and I’m not even in the same country! – so there must be something in this minimalist movement. Am going to try my best (promise). All good wishes.

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