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it’s thursday afternoon on a cold january berlin day.
might seem like a day just like any other to most people. but not to me. the reason being that i’m writing this from my very new apartment !

yes, we’ve moved once again – i think this is our 9th place in 3 years. but who’s counting ?

here are a couple of snaps from my favourite corner in the new flat. it’s in the office. i like the sound of that. ‘the office’.

as you can see, we’ve of course brought all of our favourite furniture. can’t wait to show you guys more from the place !

in this styling :
acapulco chair* from ok design
dutchbone jute rug*
mater chair*
applicata wooden decor*
white wire basket* from bloomingville
wall light* from nordlux
by lassen mirrors*
ikea white table lamp

*sponsored product

hope you’re having a just as lovely start to the new year as i am kiddos !

love // jenny

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  1. Loved your apartment tours so place do more/new ones :) so much fun to see how apartments looks in different country’s and styles.

  2. hello lovely girl! Love the new space! and love your blog, channel and YOU! i am searching for the uplighting that you use from nordlux and cant seem to find those ones….do you have a link by any chance?

    happy new year beautiful soul!
    san francisco, ca

  3. Lourdes Alvarado

    I miss your YouTube videos Jenny… any new ones coming up? Miss you and David

    • jennymustard

      sorry for not posting videos like usual, we kind of thought we deserved a little break after the 24 vids in 24 days xmas marathon :P
      new video coming up tomorrow ! x

    • jennymustard

      yes come over for a visit soon !!!
      are you doing anything fun for FW ? hope we will see you next week !

      by the way, you have your new website up now ? sooooo beautiful !! <3

  4. Just love your apartment Jenny ~ any chance you could do a video on how you found all these unique pieces? Like the process of furnishing your home :)

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