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another fresh start to the week – another fresh THE MUSTARDS podcast episode !
today we talk about how to fall in love with the gym.

– how do we motivate ourselves to work out ?
– all about quick fixes, 8 week programs, and fad diets !
– when should we work out and how often ?
– how to find a routine that is maintainable in the long run !
– how to enjoy exercising !
– is it unnatural and weird to go to a gym ?

we also talk about :
– an epic vegan breakfast at a photo shoot the other day !
– the pray for sweden trump fiasco !
– q of the week : what would we tell our younger selves ?
– and of course, david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know.

who’s in ?

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love // jenny & david

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i’m wearing :
björn borg poncho* (i mean come on, this is the coolest ever, right ?)
leggings and socks from weekday
diesel watch*
vegan shoes* from vagabond

*press gift product


  1. why don’t you want to talk about veganism? I’d LOVE to hear you guys talk about that! Also, I’d love to hear about your childhood experiences and how it shaped you. Thank you <3

  2. Other than veganism and your lifestyle I have a suggestion… mental health. Your views on that, if you’ve ever struggled with mental health and how it affected/affects you.

    • Btw this episode was one of my favs. I loved it, you guys make me laugh so much!

      • Kia Or a from New Zealand…I love your blogs…YouTube and instagram…this one was really great. So sensible :-)

  3. “Have you been in nature?! It’s full of murder and death!” Oh my goodness I was laughing so hard!! You guys are funny! I’m also really glad that it’s not just me and my friends who have these kinds of talks about what is “natural” or not. One thing I’ve thought is that since humans are a product of nature, then maybe everything we do is also a product of nature? Including riding in elevators and making podcasts?

  4. I just had to think of you guys:
    The AfD started spreading “news” this weekend, claiming the Federal Forgein Office of Germany to have updated their Information site on Sweden, warning to go there because of the risk of terrorist attacks.
    The Federal Forgein Office promtly stated this to be Fake News, as the only recent update on the Information Site had been telling German people not to get drunk in public in Sweden.
    So we learn again, that the Swedish people are the true Gentlemen and -women of Europe facing horrible domestic threads like drunk German tourists.

    Sadly several right-wing news-sites have picked up the original AfD-Fake-News :-(.

  5. It was my first time listening to your podcast, and I must say i really enjoyed it. I felt like I was chatting with close friends. I look forward to listening to more podcasts. Keep doing what you do and stay blessed. Much love

  6. hi guys i can understand how talking about veganism could be so stressful and depressing. Im vegan and my fiance is vegetarian transitioning into vegan and we talk about it all the time, I get so fired up because to people like us its FUCKING OBVIOUS. Billions of animals slaughtered, but they dont live off air and fairy dust do they_ the amount of food and water it takes to feed a fucking cow and yet there are people starving not just half way across the world but in my home country of UK. Why the fuck in 2017 are there still a need for food banks. IT IS SICKENING.
    my family have said Well you know God put the animals there for us (I am not religious at all and am currently estranged from my family hence my current living in Tokyo and soon to move to Sweden after graduation) and my response was well if that is the case, then that is NOT a God I want to worship! if everyone became vegan we could solve the starving people and food crisis probably overnight (im not an expert but if there arenät billions of cows, chickens, pigs, sheep wolrd wide not to mention other animals, oh god its endless!) think of all those extra mouths that no longer require a ton of food and that can be equally distributed to everyone. Then, education. Educate about this issue and about the over population issue. Fed people will listen. Starving people wont. The only reason people eat meat is PURE GREED. we do not need it for survival. I have a lot of close friends who are vegan and veganism and feminism go hand in hand. A female cow has to be raped to become pregnant to produce milk to have her baby ripped from her to be slaughtered anyway when her womb is broken. It is so fucked up. When I see dairy products I just see a product of rape. Harsh, but a reality most people close their eyes too.
    So, in conclusion, I respect why you wouldn’t wanna talk about this, but I think its fucking important because you have so many people listening you could really make a difference. Perhaps you could wait with this topic until you have a larger audience, reach even more people, but please do it at some point.

    Thank you as always for keeping me company during the days while I am on spring break from uni.
    lots of love, Femistopheles

  7. Thanks for standing up for the great benefits of immigration. I’m American and want you to know that most of us are horrified by the current administration and the Orange fascist.

    Jenny and David you bring so much positivity and encouragement to my life.

    Love and peace to you

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