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i’ve once again partnered with smile makers collection to talk about self love, getting comfortable with your own body, and sex !

i’m of the firm believe that a healthy relationship with your body starts by getting to know how it works – whether it be how it moves at the gym, what kind of diet it prefers, or what kind of stuff gives it pleasure. sadly, talking about these issues is still somewhat of a taboo for a lot of people, the society telling us that seeking pleasure is something to feel ashamed of – especially for women. this is of course bullshit !

so today, let’s ask yourself what you like. dare to experiment a little bit, and if you have a partner – communicate clearly what it is that gets you going, so to speak. our bodies deserve to have some fun after that hard work it’s been clocking in at the gym or sitting still in front of a screen all day.

i feel like we’ve made sex into this serious issue, making most of us strangely uncomfortable talking about it, when it should be something fun and simple we do with ourselves or someone else. and something that can make us both physically and emotionally healthier. but to get to place where sex isn’t all about the dudes, where the pleasure of us chicks is as important and natural, we need to get better at talking about this stuff, and realise that it’s ok to expect a good time for everyone involved. more sex talk to the people !

i want to thank smile makers for giving me the motivation to talk about the benefits of a getting to know your own body, and enjoying it best you can. they recently sent me a set of lubricants ( see below ) – one light, one medium, and one rich. the lubricants are vegan of course, and only contain five ingredients – no paraben or fragrance in sight !
for a lot of people, a little bit of extra help is appreciated, and if you’re going to go with a lubricant, why not get the one in the cutest bottle with hella few ingredients ?

if you want to try out their lubricants or vibrators ( they sent me a few of those before, very cute! ) you get a 15% discount if you use the promo code Jenny.

love // jenny

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*this blog post is sponsored by smile makers ( @smilemakerscollection ). however, the views shared here are of course – as always – my own.


  1. This is great! There’s so much taboo around the whole subject and pleasure from the woman isn’t something people think of generally. I don’t care if this is an ad, the more people talk about this the better! :) x

  2. I just placed an order but then noticed they ship from Singapore Does anyone know how much VAT is in Germany?? I wouldn’t have ordered if I had known it’s shipped from so far away… I prefer something more “local” or at least European…

    • I came back to add some info: When ordered from within Europe Smile Makers seem to deliver from France. My parcel arrived via DPD and tracking was over a French courier called Chronopost.
      Ingredients are listed on the website.

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