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london – berlin – stockholm !
3 european capitals that we’ve both lived in. in this episode, we give you the lowdown on each of them. and after a lot of deliberations, we decide which of these cities we would recommend you move to !

we talk about :
– how expensive the 3 cities are !
– how much money you can make, and is it easy to find a job ?
– how do they compare when it comes to entertainment and fun stuff ?
– what is the atmosphere on the streets ?
– which city is safe and which feels dangerous ?
– we discuss the typical londoner, the typical berliner, and the typical stockholmer !

and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week david shocks me with quite a scary memory from when he was 15, about trying to get alcohol from a scary older man up on raspberry mountain !

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  1. Jasmina Tekic

    Tokyo is a great Japanese city but not a world city, the only true world and cosmopolitan city in Asia is Hong Kong. It is not English, it is not Chinese, it is Chinglish.

  2. The sports mentality you describe in the skiing scenario is EXACTLY the same as in Slovenia.

  3. you could not have prepared better podcast! i used to live in london, currently live in copenhagen and consider moving to berlin next year. stockholm crossed my mind but now i know that berlin is my place! thank you for the great podcast! :*

  4. Funny how you describe Berlin as relaxed. Coming from Hamburg I always find Berlin to be quite stressful.
    But to be fair I never experienced “day to day life” in Berlin, always just for a couple of days.
    Kinda wanna go now for longer.

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