MINIMALISM: 10 money saving hacks

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it’s time to get saving ! we all have our own personal dreams of what we wished we could spend more money on – traveling, interior design pieces, great food, moving to a new city. whatever you wish to save up for, we are here to help – with our list of 10 smart money saving hacks !

this is our 2nd money saving hacks video. watch the first one here !

guys, we are having so much fun with this format. basically this is a ‘sunday breakfast with the mustards’ video, but with a specific theme. we loved having the ‘sunday breakfasts’ and we know you loved watching them – it was just that youtube didn’t love algorhytming them ^.^
so let’s try this format for a while and see what we all think !

do you want to have some more breakfast with us ?
check out the video we made for david’s channel !

love // jenny

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  1. Loved it! I spend a lot of money on groceries. What tips do you have for meal planning or grocery shopping that can save money? Maybe that could be a future video.

  2. Great video! Jenny, your makeup looks gorgeous, blue suits you so well and the pink lipstick as well :)

  3. Because of your videos I seriously started saving a lot haha. I have another hack, Have a look on my blog, I’m #dechoxing at the moment with British Heart Foundation. So, saving money with helping to fund research. Good thing I guess :)

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