MINIMALISM : 10 things every minimalist needs (and everyone else too)

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another weekend, another sunday breakfast video – albeit on a saturday this week.
today we’re talking about the 10 things we think every minimalist home needs. and every other home too for that matter !

when we came up with this list, we tried to think of the 10 things we find to be most helpful in simplifying our life. the stuff that just makes you go aaah how lucky that we had this at home today ! making life easier, more enjoyable, cheaper, and not to mention more time efficient. so that we have energy, time, and money left for other things.

here goes, our top 10 essentials !
of course, this list isn’t about needs, more about making life easier. and it’s just what we think works for us. you come up with your own list ^.^

now hit us with your favourites !
what do you have around you that just makes things easier for you in day to day life ?

we’re having so much fun with this format btw. hope that you like our sunday breakfasts just as much as we do ^.^

love // jenny & david

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*the video in this blog post is sponsored by best fiends. however, the views shared here are of course – as always – our own.


  1. Love you blog!
    Where did you get the bestick (those spoons, forks etc), they feel so good to eat from

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