MINIMALISM : 7 ways minimalism has changed my life

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being a minimalist can mean so many different things. it’s one of the things i love most about minimalism – that there are no rules and no rights or wrongs. it’s whatever you make of it.

and in this video i share what i make of it – 7 ways in which minimalism has improved my life and made me see things from a new perspective.

if you’re interested in the different types of minimalism out there, have a look my post are you a minimalist ?


i’m making it my mission to slow down and relax this week, so i’m off doing exactly what you see in these pics – reading, fruiting, and chilling.

love // jenny

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  1. I absolutely loved this post and completely agree with everything you say. Oh and this might sound a bit creepy but I used you as a case study in an essay on consumerism and my teacher found it really interesting ^^

  2. Virgo Nerviosa

    Dear Jenny and David,

    I enjoyed your video :). I’m going to fall into terrible and approximate English again (therefore I am sorry !) because this is a spontaneous and emotional comment but … Minimalism (at least my version of it) helps me control the massive anxiety and existential insecurity I live with on a daily basis (through a lifestyle where simplicity is a central key). Same thing about depression (as you said talking about the beauty of it : being surrounded by an environment that I find is uncluttered and beautiful is helpful in regards of mental health and makes the black clouds in my mind fade away … at least at a certain extent). I also feel so … free and independant ! Free to base my happiness on an other level than material things. I find it easier as a minimalist on a journey to focus on what is essential (to me) : love, happiness, health, art, truth, kindness, harmonious relations with my soulmate, animals and others … I just love how I’m not waisting my time and energy anymore stressing out about things that … I don’t need, things that don’t matter, things that brought me down, things without which I realized I can easily live, without feeling deprived. Things I had in the past, weighting me down, things I truly don’t miss. I also noticed the minimalist lifestyle helps me keep my eating disorder under control, because I now make the choice to put my money, reflexion and energy into cooking cheap, simple, nutritionaly adequate meals for my body and soul, and don’t care for crappy, unhealthy, unnecessary foods that I don’t even buy anymore (without falling into a restrictive pattern, or … well, that’s the spirit ^^). The mental clarity brought by this lifestyle is priceless. Also, I don’t earn very much for a living and don’t feel frustrated by it anymore, because the sum of my basic needs (both materially and mentally) is decreasing so much. I don’t want to earn more and more money to buy more and more things that I thought would make me feel better and happier : this is over. I experiment the new feeling of being happy with what I have instead of worrying about what I don’t have. As you said, I’m glad that I am able to feel happy independently of buying or earning stuff. Minimalism helped me connect with myself on a spiritual level too. Generally, I feel more relaxed both in my mind and everyday life. I already know I forgot so much important and positive points about minimalism in my comment … ;). This was an interesting topic !

    Take care :).

  3. I love watching your videos on youtube! Especially your minimalism videos!! I also love writing about Minimalism on my blog! And you have been a great inspiration!! <3
    I was in a rough patch at one point of time and Minimalism really helped me cope with my life. It didn't drastically changed my whole life like I'm a changed woman because of Minimalism but it did help me make my life easier. Life was a mess back then and Minimalism simplified it for me.

  4. I LOVE your blog posts about minimalism. They are so refreshing and help me along my path towards a more minimalist lifestyle. Thank you.

  5. I’m firmly on the “totally making sense” side! I find your approach a breath of fresh air in the cluttered internet landscape, and while I do many things differently, I find the philosophy behind my way of life is very similar to yours :-)

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