MINIMALISM : how to become a minimalist | the 30 day challenge

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a new year – a fresh start !

how better to get 2017 in gear than by changing our perspective and simplifying our routines to free up time, space, and money to go after that dream life of ours ?

for all of you curious about the minimalist lifestyle, here’s a 4 week plan or a 30 day challenge for you.

it’s all in here – from decluttering our space, to prioritising how to spend our time, to simplifying our routines. and most importantly – figuring out what that dream life looks like.

so what do you think, do you want to give minimalism a go ?
i don’t think it’s necessarily for everyone, but for me personally, it just feels natural.

my printable minimalist calendar 2017
how i plan my day
how i plan my week

let me know what you think and how you get on through these 4 weeks !

love // jenny

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  1. I have my own brand of minimalism but it’s subject to change and expansion, and I always like new inspiration! This is a good video to get someone started.

  2. Change is good- and being reminded that is always helpful.
    Please share your new “home”
    And also share your “hair” plan… it’s grown so much! Yeahhiii

  3. Hej Jenny!
    Jag har försökt anta din utmaning och gillar verkligen idéen! Vi har nyligen byggt ut vårt hus och försöker nu inreda i en mer minimalistisk anda. Men en sak fastnar jag vid, böckerna!! Vi hade förut ett större vägghängt hyllsystem men känner jag mig osäker kring om det ska upp igen… Har tidigare rensat så att det är böcker jag tycker om, ptesentböcker och fotoalbum. Hur tänker du? Behöver lite tips!
    Tack på förhand!

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