MINIMALISM : how to stop being messy

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a messy home, all cluttered and disorganised – is there anything more stressful ?
don’t worry, i got you covered. let me walk you through my top minimalism tips for getting organised, tidy and neat. for getting rid of that mess and getting into the habit of organising and storing your stuff in a manageable and beautiful way.

i feel like this aspect of a minimalist lifestyle – the tidy and organised home / room / space – is the one that resonates most with people. apparently i’m not the only one having trouble feeling creative, productive, happy and calm in a cluttered, messy place. we all deserve a home that we can feel at ease in. that encourages us to be inventive, energised and inspired. whether we enjoy a clean, white, simple minimalist space – or a colourful, cozy, snug and plushy one.

love // jenny

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    Yay! David have a Insta too!

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