MINIMALISM : our extreme experiment | 2 years without a home

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this saturday – the 12th of march – it’s going to be exactly 2 years since we left london. and that means that we’ve spent 2 whole years without a home of our own.
it’s almost surreal to think about.

on saturday exactly 1 year ago, i wrote the very first column on this blog, and that was called 1 year without a home. writing that a year ago, i don’t think i could even have imagined going for another whole year. but here we are.

and it’s not over yet folks, we still don’t have a place of our own here in berlin. we certainly haven’t made it easy for us, moving to another country again. but still, looking out the window at a sunny berlin park, i wouldn’t have it any other way.

in that column from 1 year ago, i listed 3 lessons i’ve learnt about myself from this experiment. so i thought i’d go through those lessons, and see if they still hold. take a look !

here’s to hoping that i next year won’t make a video or column called ‘3 years without a home’.
if you hear of any berlin apartments in need of a lovely swedish couple, let me know.


but in a sense i don’t feel in between homes at all. you know what they say – home is where i lay my david.

love // jenny

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  1. Hey Jenny , really love the way of living you have , wish I could do the same way … Just was wondering at what age you decided to have this lifestyle of living ? Thank you

  2. Yeah, if you found an apartment quickly, but David wasn’t with you, it would’t be home. So, you are home in a sense, cause you’re with your love.
    Wow, I can’t imagine getting tired of London, but too much of anything can bore us. And such is human nature to be constantly changing, right?
    I’m sure you’ll find your own place soon in Berlin. Just stay positive, and never change your lovely personalities! The flat is hiding somewhere, haha!
    BTW, can’t wait for the next ‘Mustard on movies.’
    Bette Midler creates a funny loveable mean girl, I think.

  3. I am a student and I have changing cities every year since 3 years… I can totally relate :)

  4. Going to have the same problem in a few months, as I just literally walked away from everything in my 14-year apartment in Bangkok and am moving to Vienna soon. With 2 suitcases, the only things I own in the world. Personally, I think I’m going to like it as I was so sick of owning so much ‘stuff’ :)

    Good luck with your apartment search. You’ll find something soon. I’m sure of it, and I’ve heard Berlin is amazing.

  5. That was very brave of you to pack your bags and just go wherever you wanted. I feel like it takes a very centered and diligent person to be able to juggle work, finances, and just life in general in so many uncertain environments, I think you’re quite amazing.


  6. I can totally relate to your experience. I’ve been living in London since last year, (love it here though) but have lived in three places already. It’s a challenge to pack light and organize a life with few things. I can manage not having a huge closet but it’s a struggle organizing and setting a proper kitchen, one in which you can actually cook. Been loving your youtube channel and just discovered your blog, keep the good work!

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