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for those of you who like to keep tabs on me on instagram, you’ve probably noticed already that i’m partnering with la biosthetique for the launch of their brand new skin and hair care series botanique, and to celebrate i’m today sharing my 5 favourite tips for beautiful summery hair and skin, as well as my experience with the new botanique series. let’s do it !

about the new botanique pure nature series :
taking its power from plants, the series is vegan of course, but also halal ( e.g. alcohol-free ), for all my muslim babes out there. botanique is also 100% natural, meaning no perfume, sulphates, mineral-oil, parabens, or silicone. the scent you get when opening one of the bottles are all from the green goodness ingredients in there, like mint, lavender, and ginseng.
there are three different concept steps of the series : gentle, balancing, and intense – depending on your needs and skin/hair type.

1. beware the sun
now as you know, i’m pale beyond belief, so for me, the sun doesn’t always love me as much as i love it. to prevent getting burnt ( bright pink skin never looked good on anyone ! i think… ) i make sure to not get exposed to too much sunlight. wearing a cap or hat is an excellent way to keep the rays off your face, as well as draping a loose shirt over those sensitive shoulders. if i want to show off some skin – i SPF my skin like crazy and make sure to go high enough with the factor. another best friend of us pale girls : the parasol.

2. moisturise
keeping that skin soft and happy even in the harsh summer sun is a challenge ! i make sure to take care of my skin every morning and evening, with a toner and moisturiser. the balancing toner and cream are perfume-free and packed with natural ingredients like ginkgo and lavender. the cream is light and easy absorbs into the skin, and the toner has the most gorgeous refreshing scent.

except for my face and neck, i don’t often moisturise my skin. i very rarely feel the need to, but on the hotter summer days, after being out in the sun all day, my skin can feel quite stiff and tight. a lovely body oil is good to keep close on such days. and strangely enough, i’ve lately been using the intense hair & scalp oil on my shoulders, arms, and hands after being out on a sunny walk for too long. although it’s a hair oil, it works just as well on other parts of the skin in my opinion, and ( just as the name implies ) it has a refreshing and intense smell of mint. for being an oil, the skin absorbs it surprisingly quick, so it doesn’t feel sticky or messy, but instead soft as can be.

david uses the hair & scalp oil in his hair and washes it off with one of the three shampoos in the series. i believe his favourite is the balancing shampoo, but you’d have to double check with him !

3. the wet look
as you know, i love the wet look that is so on trend at the moment. i like leaving my hair slightly wet ( so i skip the damaging blow dryer as much as possible ) and just apply some products while the hair is still moist from the shower. since my hair is so damaged from all the bleaching i used to do, conditioning every day is key. i’ve really been appreciating the intense hair mask ( with ginseng and mint, works just as well as a kickass conditioner too! one of the best all-natural conditioners i’ve tried ) and the leave-in gentle conditioner ( i just spray some on my hair before combing it, making it softer and more manageable ).

the gentle styling mousse with gingko and lavender is great for us with too soft hair ( yes, that’s a thing! ) to get some structure and volume. if i want to make sure to keep it super wet-looking the whole day even after it’s dried, i just add a generous squeeze of hair gel and work my way all through the hair. but when it comes to the wet look, a dip in the ocean / lake / pool will of course be a million times quicker than all that styling in front of the mirror !

4. the dewy makeup look
to get that summery dewy look, i skip the foundation and instead just add a some cream highlighter just under my ( non-existing ) eyebrows, high up on the cheek bone, in the corner of my eyes, on the nose bridge, and on the cupid’s bow, with a touch of blush or bronzer on the cheek bones, temples and the eyelids. this looks super fresh and natural, and the naked face, going without mascara and heavy liners, is so on trend.

5. hydrate
finally, let’s not forget to moisture ourselves on the inside as well. nothing beats good old miss water when it comes to hydrating our bodies and skin from the inside out. to make drinking a jug of it seem more fun – why not try my favourite refreshing afternoon drink : sparkling water, cucumber slices, your favourite herb ( like mint, basil, or lemon balm ), and a splash of apple cider vinegar. yum ! if you’re not a fan of the sour taste from the vinegar, try mellowing it out with some apple juice ( david’s favourite ).

by the time you’re reading this, i’ll be in a tiny, super cute, swedish seaside town, drinking iced tea, eating swedish cheatballs, and kicking david’s ass in the mandatory summer house boardgames. my skin might be a tiny bit too pink, if i don’t find the perfect sunhat before then. that’s on the pre-sweden-holiday to-do list for sure !

love // jenny

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*this blog post is sponsored by la biosthetique. however, the views shared here are of course – as always – my own.


  1. do you have tips where to buy organic/vegan cosmetics in Berlin? even those most basic brands like Lavera, Urtekram, dr hauschka etc.

    tusen tack!

  2. Great post, but I would like to say I don’t agree with the sun part. We get out vitamin D from it, but it’s also a great mood-booster right then and there. Overexposure is never good, but enjoying an hour in the sun in early spring and doing that all over the course of summer, is wonderful for both mind and body!

  3. Thanks for this post! Just so you know the term halal is just used in cuisine, in Islam it’s forbidden to drink alcohol but it’s ok to have it in other products that one doesn’t eat :)

  4. I appreciate your esthetics (David’s too) and with the minimalist of makeup your beauty stands out. Thank you, Jenny, for all your hard work in creating outstanding videos and blogs.
    Debbie Blessings Muldoon
    P.S. You and David are an adorable couple. Love watching your duet videos!

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