this is our very own cookbook new vegan, made with love for a fresh and fun vegan kitchen – where wild ideas are welcome and tummy-friendly food is cooked.

you can buy the cookbook here, and see the video we made about the book here.

New Vegan omslag

the book has got about 100 recipes divided into five chapters :
snacks / starters
side dishes
main courses
and from scratch
and in between those chapters are 5 buffet style ideas, inspired from all over the world.
the different buffets are :
japanese inspired
dim sum inspired
nut cheese platter
mexican style
and meze inspired

about 20 of the recipes have instructional videos connected to them with a QR-code linking to my youtube channel. all the recipes are super healthy, just the type of food we eat ourselves all the time. think fresh, yummy, and pretty. it’s food that’ll make that body of yours happy too !
almost all recipes are gluten-free, vegan of course, and without white sugar. we don’t like using oil unnecessarily, since we’re into whole foods, so oil is only very rarely included in the recipes.

the book is published in sweden, so for now it’s only available in swedish we’re afraid. but if it’ll be available in other languages later on, we’ll make sure to let you know.

just holler if you have any questions about the book.

love // jenny & david