MY WEEK IN OUTFITS // Stockholm Winter Looks

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last week i visited the motherland – the beautiful winter wonderland of stockholm, sweden. i know what you’re thinking – who in their right mind would ever go to stockholm in december !? well, maybe i’m not in my right mind, ok ?
so i decided to take the opportunity to film a classic ‘outfit of the week’ video, stockholm edition ! i hope this can also be some winter month styling inspo for you guys, cause who doesn’t want to look hot even when it’s freezing !?

i talk about :
– looking comfortable and chic on travel days !
– the all black everything outfit !
– why the faux fur is a winter essential deluxe !
– styling the cocoon coat without looking like a blob !
– how to use your watch to level up the style factor ?
– comfy chic on lazy chilled out days ?
– monochrome modern even during the holidays !?

i’m safely back home in berlin now, where it’s almost as grey, but not nearly as cold as old stockholmo !
where are you guys celebrating the holidays ?

love // jenny

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*the video in this blog post is sponsored by Skagen. however, the views shared here are of course – as always – my own.


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