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after just about 5 months in this apartment, we’re finally ready to show you guys what it looks like in this very much requested apartment tour video !
it’s a big, bright, and modern apartment in berlin, with our own minimalist style in interior design. besides from kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, we have two large rooms – one that we uses as our living room, and the biggest one we’ve made into our home office.

we’re super happy with the furniture and the overall feel of the place. david wants to stay here for a while and settle down a bit, and i’m not against the idea of at least staying a couple of years. it feels so good to have a home that we’re happy with and that is suitable for us to work from !
i’m looking forward to hearing what you think.

if you want more info on any of the other furniture, you can check out the apartment tour video we did in our last apartment here in berlin. it’s so good to be out of that place though, we weren’t happy there at all !

love // jenny

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  1. Ni borde satsa på en fiolfikus. Antingen om man köper dem färdigvuxna eller lite mindre är de jätte vackra.

  2. Love this!!!! Your home is so calm and beautiful. ✨ What a dreamy space to call your own! I think a more detailed kitchen tour (like fridge, cupboards, pantry and so on) would be the best! ❤️

  3. Nancy Lea Titular

    For me this is the perfect apartment. Very bright & clean. Modern & simple. I’m suggesting a Fortune plant. It grows up to the ceiling but I’m not sure of the availability in Berlin.

  4. I’ve been seeing people putting some sort of indoor variety of olive trees inside. They have a nice light green color that would look lovely with all of the white in your apartment.

    • jennymustard

      us too !!
      good friends and good food, what could be a better way to spend a friday morning ? :D

  5. geraldine

    if you have movie nights do you use scatter cusions and throws and where are they kept? I love the minimal interior but with a hubby and 3 kiddies…dont want to give up the minimal look though.
    love your blog

  6. Hi,
    Where are from those chairs in the office? I love them.
    You should try a yucca, it may be big or small, depends on what you want.

  7. Plants are the best, yay for oxygen!!! Stick plant, papyrus, snake plant, bamboo, jade or a yucca would all be great plants for your space.

  8. I love your new place. Every little corner looks amazing and thought through. The head quarters definitely need a nice looking plant. Great job and it’s so good to hear that you’re satisfied with the result! :)

  9. Where are those white drawers in the bedroom with the light clothes from? They look gorgeous!

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