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my infatuation with pale wood continues. just got this wood frame mirror delivered yesterday and it works so well with the furniture i already have. haven’t really decided where to place it yet, so i’ll just move it around a few times in the office and see where it sticks.

you might have noticed that i’ve got a serious love for mirrors and love having them in every room. it’s not because i’m unusually vain though – it’s because i love the reflection of the room it created. it’s like an art piece without the art, that changes as the daylight shifts during different times of the day.

this particular one is a gift from french hartô and i love that it’s free-standing so that it’s easy to move around. it’s possible to hang it too, but since i love all things mobile, i’ll just keep it standing on its own.

now i can’t sit and write to you all day, i need to go out in the sun and take some pics !

love // jenny

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  1. Lovely little mirror. They can really transform a space.
    I hope we’ll get to see the pictures you’re taking!

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