PODCAST : finding your creativity + throwing up in weird places

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in the second ever episode of our podcast THE MUSTARDS we deal with the issue of creativity.
we both see ourselves as creative people, but that didn’t always used to be the case.

so let’s break it down.
– what is creativity
– why do we need it
– how can we find our creative outlet
– staying motivated

we also talk about throwing up at strange places, but that’s completely besides the point.
( scroll down to listen. )

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  1. I love being able to move around the house while listening to the podcasts. I enjoy how free flowing your conversation is. It makes me want to start conversations with my friends on some of the topics you bring up. Keep the podcasts coming. Thank you for sharing Skam. It’s so sweet and smart. I wish it existed when I was in high school.

  2. Skam is my new fave, after you of course. I have that feeling you have a radio station so weird. Creative life is the most important thing I think when creativity will disappear on Earth humans deserve a unicorn zombie apocalypse.
    Petra xx

  3. This subject is particularly relevant to me right now. I previously felt like I was never ‘excellent’ at a creative aspect of my life. I enjoy a wide range of creative hobbies, knitting, sewing, cooking, piano, drawing, painting etc. I sometimes seem to feel a weird pressure of being excellent at something creative. Probably because I am surrounded by so many beautiful people with intense passions for music, art and acting. Slowly I have come to realise that it is ok to delve into creativity without having to produce a final work or masterpiece. To simply enjoy the process. To enjoy without expectation. Thanks to you both for sharing your conversation here, you have given me a little inspiration and contentment xx

  4. You guys talk in such a calming and understated way, I love it. And your topics are very entertaining as well :p
    Creativity is an interesting subject, and pretty difficult to describe the more you think about it.
    As to the question of should creativity always be enjoyable I personally think no. Sometimes creativity for me is frustrating and hard, for example- I might spend weeks on a painting only to come to the conclusion that it’s not really working, or I really want to do some drawings based on one subject but I just can’t figure out how to make it work no matter what I try. At other times I might not feel like painting but after I force myself I end up really enjoying it halfway through. But even if it’s not always enjoyable, I believe there has to be some motivation for continuing with it, whether it’s the process itself or the satisfaction with the end result.
    As to throwing up in interesting places-once I threw up into a drinking glass and then just went to the bathroom to wash it. Luckily that didn’t wake up my friend because it was the middle of the night :p

  5. Hi, i really like your podcasts. But i find the audio so low. If i try to listen on the iPad i have to go to a place totally quiet, and even in my computer, if theres a bit noise in the room is very difficult for me the ear you guys. Is it possible to make it louder? haha. I don’t know how it works… my volume is already in maximum. Anyway, great podcast! Big fun of the “semi funny anecdote” :)

  6. Haha I’m listening to this while finally starting in the painting I’ve been planning on making for a ling time :D

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