PODCAST : how to know if you’re healthy

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another monday another podcast episode !

today we’re talking about health
– what is it
– how do we know if we have it
– is it worth going after
– trends and myths

we also of course share david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know, and how it feels to be recognised on the street as a youtuber.

scroll down to listen  or check us out on itunes !

also please tell us what you think about our THE MUSTARDS podcast 3 episodes in – are you enjoying it ?
hope so ^.^

love // jenny & david

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took a few pics directly after my workout today. i’m wearing my prana yoga trousers* and a björn borg top* that i styled this cute way with a regular bra.

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  1. Hi Jenny and David! I’m sure you have your podcasts planned out for the next few weeks, but I would love to hear how you incorporate feminism into your values and how you support feminism daily. I think it would be particularly relevant given the recent international support. Thanks!

  2. Can you please do an updated version of your pilates workout? I really enjoyed the last one..

  3. You sound like a multi-passionate, Jenny :-) It’s often seen as something bad, but more recently people have come to appreciate us “multis”!

  4. Hello to you both!
    I just wanted to say how much I have been enjoying these podcasts. – I do hope you keep doing them, I think I like them even more than the videos, maybe because I prefer podcasts in general to videos because I can listen to them while cooking or walking.
    I found your thoughts on health and exercise really chimed with mine – I especially like that you both talk about the importance of not overdoing exercise, as I have had problems with that in the past, and certainly in my experience that is definitely not being Super-healthy but is a very UNhealthy thing to do. It messes up your sleep, and your body in all kinds of ways… I now have a much nicer balance, rather like Jenny actually – I do half an hour or so of yoga/ core-ish things early in the morning, walk quite a lot (mostly because my legs are my one transport) and I try different things now and again for fun, at the moment it’s trying to learn to swim properly.
    I also think that sometimes people can get very fixated on Being Healthy so much so that it becomes like an extra stress in life rather than something that improves it, so I agree that Balance Is Important and I like that you actually talk about that and why it’s hard rather than just saying it.
    Interesting that you’re so into fashion now – perhaps you might do a podcast on that, your thoughts on fashion, why it’s interesting, how you can be interested in fashion while being a minimalist? Or maybe that’s already set for the videos.
    Feel better soon Jenny – and apologies by the way for this VERY long and definitely not minimalist “comment” (i.e. short essay!)

  5. Love this podcast. It has made me even start listening to Mustard on Movies! I wasn’t all that interested in it originally but decided to try it out because I loved the first two episodes of The Mustards I just had to check it out!

  6. Love the podcasts! I wasn’t so keen at first, but i like listening to you guys talking about random topics when i’m commuting. It’s a good way to also rest my eyes.

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