PODCAST : if we were single

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in today’s episode we talk ‘what ifs’ !
what if we had never met each other ? what if we broke up ? what if one of us died all of sudden ?

– what would our lives be like without each other ? jenny’s would be terrible. david’s, quite pleasant.
– do we think the human nature is monogamous? who knows ! does it matter ?
– does being on birth control pills affect who you fall in love with ?

the theories fly in this episode of THE MUSTARDS.

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thank you so much miriam for requesting the theme for this episode.
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love // jenny & david

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  1. When did 10 year olds take over the world? Is there a cloud of stupidity shrouding the earth? Thank you both for sharing news of the world. I am so sorry about the problems with your internet company. Could you take the president of the internet company out to lunch to develop a personal relationship and thus be allowed to have service that you have already paid in advance for? Luv to you both and interesting days ahead.

  2. I was wondering how you two have met each other and if you really have the same last name accidentally (crazy!) :)

  3. Along with the influence of birth control on who a woman falls in love with, I’ve also read that women are attracted to different types of guys at different points in their menstrual cycle. It’s basically the same influence as birth control has, but when a woman’s ovulating/most fertile she’s generally more attracted to men with more “alpha” characteristics than she is the rest of the month. Interesting!

  4. I wonder about how you guys think, why you do the things you do. And your relationship based on what kind of people you are and how it works since you guys are such good match but dissimilar. Can you PLEASE PLEASE DO A MBTI PERSONALITY TEST BOTH OF YOU! While recording it as you do the test how you answered questions and the result! pls pls pls pls pls guys PLEASE! PRETTY PLS! there’s so many people who wana know and are into mbti

    • I agree, please do this type of episode!!! I’m an INFJ, and very interested in the type of other ppl. It really does have a major influence over all aspects of ones life.

  5. I love listening to your podcasts. You guys always get me thinking and give me a sense of well-being. :) Today I felt like joining in! *nerds out!*

    I think serial monogamy is typical if simply for reproductive purposes. Gestation and infant-care are physically taxing and it is helpful if there is someone who cannot become pregnant, but who is invested in a healthy outcome, to be available to help with food, shelter, etc.

    But there are also polygyny and polyandry, both of which have more to do with resources than morality. In low-resource areas, polyandry is more common, in which a woman takes on multiple husbands to produce fewer but highly invested in offspring. Whereas, in areas with vast resources polygamy, one man with multiple wives, to create many children.

    But now, for many people (not all, it’s a big world) the focus isn’t on procreation and survival so much as recreation. And even when the focus is procreation, humans don’t even need to have a sexual partner to have biological children. Whatever people claim is the “original” form of sexual relationship doesn’t really apply today because our lifestyles, technology, economics, etc are so different than our modern human ancestors, let alone archaic humans.

    Even when we do look to historical/literary texts (like the Bible) to see what kind of relationships people had, remember that they are prescriptive, not descriptive. In fact, the author(s) of the Bible, likely defined relationships as such-and-such because they weren’t that way in reality, and so hoped to change the way people lived.

  6. I agree, please do this type of episode!!! I’m an INFJ, and very interested in the type of other ppl. It really does have a major influence over all aspects of ones life.

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