PODCAST : launching our brand new podcast – the mustards !

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happy times – we have a brand new podcast coming your way !
( podcast at the bottom of this page )

this is our second podcast – after launching our movie podcast MUSTARD ON MOVIES a few months back – and we couldn’t be more excited !

we decided to create this podcast as a result of many different requests and comments from you guys – that you miss our sunday brakfast videos, that not all of you are interested in movies and want to hear us discuss other topics as well, and that you really like to also listen to some rawer, more spontaneous unedited material as well.

not to mention that we love recording podcasts, it’s so fun and cosy.

so here we go – episode 1 !
this week we talk about the concept of moving.

why do we do it ?
how do we feel about it ?
is it necessary for our happiness ?
how it is to live in 9 different places in 3 years ?
is the human nature is nomadic or not ?

it’s the first episode so we’re of course still figuring out the format and what an episode should look like, so bear with us.
and please hit us with your requests and ideas !

it would also be super helpful if you wanted to subscribe to us on itunes and give us a little review ^.^
plus, we have an instagram account ( @themustards_ ) – go follow !

and as always, thank you so much for always being so supportive and helpful. you mean the world to us !

love // jenny & david

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  1. Beatriz Costa

    How can i find the new podcast on itunes? I’m only able to find the Mustards on Movies

    • jennymustard

      it takes up to 3-4 days for itunes to launch a new channel, so we have to wait until they have approved it to give you guys a link ! will keep you updated :)

  2. I changed the place of livng 10 times during last 8 months. Besides that, next month I am going to Lisbon where I will spend 5 months, then, after coming back to Poland I will need to find new apartment once again. I am quite an active person, and usually changing of an apartment is a huge project for me which I need to intersperse in between normal daily works. However, I don’t regret anything. As for as I am concerned, new place always equals new experience.

  3. Lovely to hear you! It’s funny, smart and really interesting. Greeting from Poland!

  4. Jenny,

    Can you and David share the names of the music that you use in your you tube videos?

    I am especially interested in the music on the Kimchi video.

    The music that you guys use is beautiful.

  5. Kathy Grinslade

    I love to hear you two speak on American Politics because you are so right that it IS a freak show! Americans have been massively deceived by trusting in their corporate media. America is only learning en mass about this deception due to internet access to other sources of information and journalism. We are mortified by the lie of democracy that this Oligarchy has sold us. We are having a second revolution over this point.

    • Tracey Martin

      I second this. I would love to purchase much of the music that you use!

  6. You guys rock! Really, it’s so nice listen to you, you are very funny and smart ;)

  7. Jasmina Tekic

    Often the place you long for is not the one you will fall in love with. I am from Serbia, and as I a young girl I was so attracted to Paris, Italy and Japan,… all these dreams,… and, I moved to Asia, then, to Italy (2 years), then back to Asia (10 years). However, I surprised myself, the places of my dreams didn’t steal my heart. Finally no matter how much I tried, I had to admit myself that I fell in love with Hong Kong, the best city in the world, and the true world city,… 10 years, like in Wong Kar Wai movies,… love that place. It was like when you dream about most beautiful person but when you finally meet that person of your dreams nothing happened, and then, there is someone you didn’t even find attractive, but you fall in love with. I believe that Hong Kong (not Tokyo or Kyoto which I actually like more) was the one to steal my hearth because of its cosmopolitan spirit. Hong Kong is a world city, Tokyo is a great city but it is a Japanese not the world city (my Japanese friends hate me for this) but in these world there are really only a few true WORLD CITIES, and Hong Kong is one of them. If someone would have told me 20 years ago that my favorite city in Europe would be Istanbul, and that I would become a real Honky (who adores WKW and all about HK) I would say “no way”. Twists and turns of life.

  8. I love this! And I completely agree with the difference with living somewhere and travelling somewhere (4 weeks ah! that’s not “living” somewhere). I am French and have lived in England (in the countryside), Vienna, Beijing, Hamburg and soon Copenhagen – and I am taking my fiancé with me to Copenhagen. He probably wouldn’t have done it without me but he is happy!
    I love moving and starting over…You learn so much about yourself. I learned during those years that I am fine by myself, but now, I am very happy to move with somebody and share the struggles and joys of the move, rather than starting absolutely everything by myself all over again. Maybe it’s the age, aha!
    I agree with taking personal issues with you when you move though. Moving doesn’t solve everything. But it does help putting this in perspective- and it’s fun, it shakes things off
    Really like your website too x
    Greetings from Hamburg

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