PODCAST : top 5 movies about starting over

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as you know, david and i just moved in to another apartment. not only that, we’ve also got a brand new year ahead of us.
can you feel it ? yep, it seems like we got a fresh start scenario on our hands !

so it only makes sense to dedicate the first podcast episode of the year to our TOP 5 movies about moving on and starting over.
tell us what your favourite starting over movie is !

also, as you will hear in this episode, we have some news ^.^
we’re starting a new podcast !

it’s going to be called just the mustards and it will be more about everyday things, and the stuff we find inspiring and fun – minimalism, health, veganism, travel, love, fashion, and just whatever really.

the first episode will probably be up later this week, and it’s about moving !
why we do it, how we feel about it, and about staying in 9 different places in 3 years.

i’m super excited to launch it and hear your feedback, so please go follow @themustards_ on instagram for updates.

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love // jenny & david

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