REAL TALK – stress & career [get ready with me video]

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my very first GRWM video, shot in our hotel room on crete last week, when i was getting ready for a calvin klein campaign shoot with david on the beach !
i wanted to have a sit down video with you guys and give you an update on how i feel about my own career (dealing with stress and being overworked, how i see the future, how i found the right path for me) and answer a few career themed questions from you guys (about finding your way, living on a tight budget, how to know when to quit a job you’re not passionate about, about building a strong bullshitometer).

i also wanted to reconnect with you guys and hear more about your views on career stuff and dream jobs. but also about what you want to see more of on my channel – any requests for upcoming videos ?

plus, i of course share with you some of my favourite vegan and cruelty-free makeup and beauty products (it wouldn’t be a get ready with me video otherwise, am i right) and show you how i draw on my eyebrows !

i talk about:

  • getting stressed and exhausted !
  • which vegan makeup products are my favs ?
  • being passionate about your career !
  • follow your gut or being strategic ?
  • having your hobby as your job ?
  • the easiest way to deal with being on strict budget ?
  • do you have a strong bullshitometer !?

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love // jenny

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