RECIPE : refreshing pink grapefruit cocktail for grown-ups | alcohol-free

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i’ve partnered up with vöslauer for this recipe – they asked if i wanted to use one of their balance juicy mineral water drink to create a delicious and alcohol-free cocktail. of course i want to, i think finding new and fun ways to do non-alcohol drinks is so much fun. and when you get it right it makes for a healthier choice than the standard cocktail, without feeling the least bit boring.

the flavour i’m working with for this recipe is the balance juicy pink grapefruit – a sparkling, grapefruit-flavoured drink. i love grapefruit, it has a complex and unexpected taste that isn’t too sweet. plus the colour is just to die for, right ?

the balance juicy drink is of course vegan, and is also part of the fairtrade sugar program. it’s already very refreshing as it is, so i didn’t want to change the flavour of it too much, just enhance the tartness a little bit (you know i’m a lover of sour things) and give it a little unexpected kick.
if you’ve got a sweet tooth and is not that into the sour stuff, feel free to exchange the grapefruit and lemon for sweeter citrus fruits, like oranges or pomelos.


refreshing pink grapefruit cocktail for grown-ups
750 ml vöslauer balance juicy pink grapefruit*, chilled
1 pink grapefruit, peeled and sliced
1 lemon, peeled and sliced
about 1 cup watermelon slices
a handful of basil leaves
a pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)

– place the citrus fruit in a pitcher and mash around a bit with a spoon. add basil, watermelon, and cayenne.
– add the balance juicy drink and serve icy cold.
– prepared to get refreshed !

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a big thank you to vöslauer for teaming up with me and letting me use their balance juicy in my own drink recipe !
david is over the moon with this one, i think it’ll become a staple drink here at mustard HQ.

love // jenny

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  1. Alejandra Cuevas

    Hi Jenny! great recipe, lovely pictures!!!

    p.s. i just sent you an e-mail about an interview for a chilean magazine. Hope you can check it soon!!!

  2. Soo nice! Shame I don’t have this water here. I even wrote to them asking about plans to trade in the UK xd

    You can check my vegan waffles recipe. If you that kind of food :D

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