RECIPE : super healthy granola

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like i say in the video, i hope you take the time to watch my video on sunday – when i can finally reveal the big project i been working on, i can’t wait. i hate keeping secrets, it’s eating away at me ^^
ok so come back and celebrate with me sunday !

alrighty back to the recipe. this is a oil, sugar and syrup free whole foods granola recipe, something i’ve been looking for but never finding online. so i just experimented a bit with what i thought might work and i got it just perfect on the first try ! i’m so proud.

the secret ? mixing soaked dates and tahini instead of oil and sugar / syrup.
both taste and texture was just what i was after. hope you like it too !

granola5c granola3

super healthy whole foods granola
250 ml / 1 cup dates, soaked
100 ml / ½ cup tahini
date soaking water
750 ml / 3 cups oats
250 ml / 1 cup mixed nuts (i used cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts), very roughly chopped
100 ml / ½ cup prunes, chopped
100 ml / ½ cup organic raisins
100 ml / ½ cup sunflower seeds
50 ml / ¼ shredded coconut
½ tsp cinnamon
a pinch of cardamom (optional)

– preheat the oven to 150°C / 300°F.
– mix dates, tahini (and date soaking water if needed) in a food processor or blender until smooth. check the video to see how the consistency should be
– add all the dry ingredients in a very large bowl and toss. now it’s time to get messy, by mixing in the tahini date paste until al dry ingredients are coated
– spread the granola evenly on a parchment paper. press with the flat of your hand to make it denser
– bake the granola for 25-30 minutes, until golden brown and deliciously nutty cinnamon smelling
– let cool, and break apart to desired chunk sizes. keep in an airtight container


me and my baby (i already ate it all. yep i’m serious.)
granola6 granola7

ok guys, thanks for watching today.
and hope to see you on for my big day on sunday ! happy times ^^

love // jenny


  1. Made it last night and it’s just what I’ve been looking for in granola. I switched the plums and raisins for dried apricots and figs instead though. Breakfast this morning was a treat, both for me and my partner, it’s like eating apple pie for breakfast. Thank you for this!

    • jennymustard

      ikr it’s like dessert ! so yummy :) i’m really happy you both liked it !
      love // j

  2. Hej Jenny!
    Har lige lavet denne granola… og hold da op hvor er den god! Den blev dog ikke sprød efter en halv time i ovnen, så den fik lige en halv time ekstra (dog kun på 100 grader for ikke at blive brændt). Nu er den knasende lækker og virkelig velsmagende ^-^
    Men tænkte om den måske var blevet tør og sprød alligevel… mens den kølede af? Eller skal den være tør når den kommer ud af ovnen?

    • jennymustard

      hej rosa !! jag ar inte superduktig pa danska, sa jag vet inte om jag forstod allt :P men jag tror jag forstar det mesta :D
      nar den kommer ut ur ugnen kan den vara lite mjuk fortfarande, men nar den svalnat sa brukar den vara torr men lite chewy fortfarande, alltsa inte torr sa det knastrar. jag antar att det beror pa hur man foredrar sin granola ? jag gillar nar den ar lite chewy ;)
      men jag blir superglad att du gillar receptet, aven om du fick andra lite pa det !

      ha en fin sondag <3 <3

      • Tusind tak! Jeg er desværre ikke så god til at skrive engelsk (men kan godt læse det). Du forstår dansk fint:-) Jeg troede granolaen skulle være knas. Sådan så det ud på videoen. Næste gang kan jeg jo prøve den chewy og se hvad jeg bedst kan lide.

        • jennymustard

          haha jag gillar knastrig på utsidan och chewy pa insidan :P
          ja prova och se vad du gillar mest !

  3. I made this for breakfast today and every single one of my tastebuds was dancing – definitely a new fav morning food, thanks for the recipe! :)

  4. Åh det här receptet är ju helt perfekt! Håller på med en “30 day no sugar challenge” just nu så det här receptet är ju perfekt! Tack:)

    • jennymustard

      ah perfekt ! vad kul, hoppas du gillar den :D
      och lycka till med dina 30 dagar ! <3

  5. Just made this after watching your late night snacks video and in true honour I ate a hugggge bowl because it’s 11pm! Hehe I wonder how it would taste with almond butter! I used almonds, pecans and hazelnuts as the nuts in this recipe!

  6. I can’t seem to find other than dried dates! I even looked in turkish stores. Is it possible to do it with just tahin and dates?

    Great recipe though!

  7. Thank you so much for this recipe my family and i absolutely loved it and the video was so professionally made the music, the edit ,you it was so enjoyable to watch. Love from Turkey. :) XxX

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  9. Gjorde din granola för en stund sen och den var så god! Senast jag gjorde den åts den upp rätt fort. Jag tänkte göra en till omgång nu och ska försöka att inte äta upp den direkt denna gång. Hur länge tror du att den håller innan den blir dålig? Med tanke på att den är lite mjuk är jag orolig att den ska bli dålig snabbare.. borde den förvaras i kylskåp?

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  11. Hi Jenny Your tips are fantastic. Only one question: Is there an alternative For tahini? Thank you so much

  12. I made your recipe 3 times so far! So tastey I love it… I once substitued tahini with peanut butter it was great too…

  13. Great! I’ve been looking for a healthy granola recipe. It’s so hard to find them without a lot of oil and fat, or honey. Thank you so much for sharing this. :)

  14. Johanna Woodbury

    Man, I can’t believe how long it has taken me to get to watching the recipes. This granola looks perfect. I’ll let you know how it comes out.

  15. Hi Jenny !
    I discovered your channel just a few days ago and I was so excited to try this recipe.
    I’ve been looking for a granola recipe for so long ! I wanted big chunks and all goodness.
    So, I tried your recipe with almond butter instead of tahini (will try with it next time, because I will definetly do it again !) and without prunes and cardamom because I didn’t have them.
    It was SO good. I am so in love with this granola, the best I’ve ever eaten. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe :D
    It was a bit expensive to make … But once in a while, we deserve to taste something that good.

    Bye ! :)

  16. Just made a huge batch of this and it’s sooooo good. I was just wondering how long it will keep for in an airtight container?


  17. Is there a specific kind of oat I need to use like rolled oats? I only have quick oats.

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  20. Dear Jenny,
    I make it the second time know it is just perfect
    My favorite granola definitely, I will never buy any from the store as it not comparable to this date and tahini goodness :)) thank you so much and best wishes from Åseda

  21. Made them yesterday and they turned out pretty well! The taste is amazing, and the baked nuts have a lovely flavor :) thank you for the recipe!

  22. Love this so much! Your blog is my go to for delicious, healthy and budget-friendly foods!

  23. I have just finished this master piece. Jenny, you are the queen, thanks! I almost ate all of the date tahini paste before adding it into the granola. :D It has such a full taste, I think this was one of the best meals I have ever tasted. ^^

  24. This recipe is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. Loving your recipes. I’ll be trying your chocolate banana one today xx

  25. I have made this recipe once and decided not to do it anymore in the future. The reason: I was too afraid of myself when realizing how quickly I have eaten that amount of granola and how nonhuman it was.
    This recipe is simply marvelous.

    Best regards

  26. I’ve tried it and it was amazing :)
    Now I do it all the time, but with different ingredients and it turns out delicious every time!

  27. Amalécyte

    Just tried it ! I’ve been looking forever for a recipe that could replace those awful breakfast cereals that my kids eat in the morning. After a long string of failures, I’ve decided to try this recipe and it worked ! My kids loved it so much they already ate half of the batch as a snack. Thank you soooo much for the recipe !

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  29. AMAZING! I added 3rd of coconut oil, 3rd peanut butter and 3rd tahini to the amount of tahini suggested in this recipe. OMG I love it!

  30. Oh WOW! Thank you SOOOO much for this recipe, we are definitely practicing self-control with this recipe as we would eat it all at once! Finally a Granola without oil and added sugar.

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  32. I tried this recipe and I’m obsessed!!! It’s so freaking delicious! :)

  33. Such a great recipe. Discovered it through Picking Limes and already made 2 batches! Delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Hi Jenny, I wanted first to thank you for this great recipe and second to ask your help cause the granola turned out very “soft” in the texture and not crispy like expected… Do you have any suggestions to make it crispy the next time?
    Thanks a lot. Jean

    • I experienced this too but I had it in the oven for longer – maybe 40 mins or so and I tossed it around while cooking too. Came out perfect :)

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  36. Hey!
    Quick question- is it RAW tahini that you add or tahini that’s already been mixed in with some water?


  37. Tried this, it really is THAT good :D Ate like half of the batch right away….

  38. Happy New Year Jenny and David :D!! Making this granola today, starting the new year off on a great start with deliciousness!! Thank you for sharing this, and hope you two are staying warm and sunny…wherever you may be today ;)!

  39. I did this recipie and it’s soooo good! The perfect granola! Thank you so much! Greets from Vienna! :)

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  41. Thank you for this recipe!
    This was the first time I made granola in my life :) and it was delicious + so simple and easy. I used almonds, brazil nuts, and pecans.

  42. Danielle McCarthy

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Jenny. I absolutely love this recipe. I’ve made it before but I think I love it more every time I make it. You absolutely nailed it. Delicious. ❤❤❤

  43. This recipe of your own creation is definitely the most amazing thing ever! JENNY I cannot thank you enough for this perfection! You are trully gifted❤❤❤
    With love and gratitude,
    Greetings from Lithuania!

  44. Hi Jenny Mustard! I’m new in finding you and so excited to make this. Thank you for developing this recipe. So you think I could make it in the dehydrator? Carla

  45. This granola looks amazing! What brand of tahini do you use? It looks so thick in the video – mine is much more thin. I’d love to get a better, more hearty brand! Thanks for the recipe!

  46. Got this recipe from PUL website. It is wonderful. I eat it with my vegan, home made yogurt.
    Thank you for sharing this. Love, love, love it.
    Jodi Vittitoe

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