SUNDAY BREAKFAST WITH THE MUSTARDS #12 | our fav viewer + future mustard babies + neanderthals + live streaming

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i’m not sure if anyone noticed we were gone last sunday morning, but here we are again – a brand new episode of your favourite (?) sunday morning show.

in this episode we do a shoutout to one of our all-time favourite viewers : 11-year-old vera, and we talk about whether we ever want to have kids, the cuteness of neanderthals, and about maybe start doing live streaming.
all while devouring our delicious vegan breakfast of course, this time a berry and banana soy yogurt – yum !

so ok, we told you guys that we would start to only post 2 videos per week for a while, but that shit didn’t fly. we’re back on the 3-vids-per-week bandwagon, and it feels good.

creative corner :

favourites :
david – tv drama billions
jenny – the book the girl in the spider’s web


speaking of, let us know what you think of the idea to live stream our sunday breakfast by the way !
it should be fun i reckon, and quite a bit nerve-wrecking at that.

ok, talk soon !

love // jenny

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  1. Yay, Sunday breakfast is back! I’d actually love to see a live stream, just as long as the recording will be available afterwards, too (as I can’t guarantee I’ll actually be able to watch in the morning).
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Aw, I will definitely miss these Sunday Breakfast videos! But I hope everything else works out while we wait ^_^ this was a lovely morning with you guys!

  3. Gajana Gasparyan

    Live stream would be so fun! imagine a collective breakfast – people eating breakfast while watching you stream your breakfast moment = collective breakfast with like 100 people around the world at the same time!

  4. Margaret Webb

    Wow- breakfast with the mustards…live and (almost) in person!! that would be fun. But as Sybille said= as long as the video was also avail afterwards for anyone who would miss it for whatever reason (eg- time zones).


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