SUNDAY BREAKFAST WITH THE MUSTARDS #14 | if we switched bodies …

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happy sunday morning you guys !

we couldn’t be in a better mood because we got some great news the other day – so today is all about celebration !
( will tell you all about it in our next video )

this lovely sunday morning we’re talking about this and that as usual – like what it would be like if we switched bodies for instance !
also david talks chocolate, and jenny chats about makeup.

‘in the news’ this week is all about privacy on the internet, and we’re of course having some yummy healthy vegan breakfast too !

creative corner :

favourites :
david – rewe’s beste wahl dark chocolate
jenny – my orange / coral lisptick* from make up store

*sponsored product


that’s it for this week – hope you enjoyed your breakfast just as much as we did !
ok we’re leaving you at that, time to go celebrate.

love // jenny

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  1. I just discovered your website. Will your book be translated in English?
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. That porridge looks heavenly oh yum. Also I noticed a book called ‘New Vegan’ in English in a book store with similar recipes but it was by a different author? Odd and I hope your ideas aren’t being stolen.

  3. Thank you for promoting fair-trade chocolate David!
    Jenny, I understand you earned a degree in Biology. Did you ever apply it to your life after you graduated?

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