SUNDAY BREAKFAST WITH THE MUSTARDS #7 | vegan instagram flatlay + our fav romantic memories + affluenza

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it’s sunday again – who’s excited ?
it’s supposed to rain all day here in berlin, so we’re getting ready for a day of tv, movies, youtube and bloglovin’.
what are your plans ?

whatever you’re up to today, i hope you have some time to have breakfast with us first ^.^

creative corner :
marshgrass photography

favourites :
david – movie podcast doug loves movies
jenny – my new bering watch ( sponsored )


now go make your own sunday breakfast flatlay and tag my instagram ( @jennymustard ) in the pic so we can see what you’re eating for once !

love // jenny & david

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  1. I love sundays.
    It’s the day i get a chance to think of the past week and see if it sticks to my values or not.
    It’s the day i get a chance to make very small ” mind ” changes.
    It’s the day i get a chance to relax and have free time.
    It’s the day i get the chance to surf blogs and videos to inspire me.
    It’s now the day i wait for the sunday breakfast with the Mustards.
    I love sundays.

  2. Happy Sunday! I know I’m way late, but that’s because I am in Germany too at the moment, and spent the day with my 87-year-old dad. We went on a car trip along the river Rhine, had a far-too-expensive but amaaaazing dinner at a castle feeling like medieval knigts, and actually caught some sunshine when we went exploring. So much fun :-)

  3. This may be a little late, but I hope you had a beautiful Sunday with David! I watched your Sunday Breakfast this morning and I enjoyed spending my breakfast with you two xx

  4. Hi jenny,
    Just recently discovered your blog.
    Beautiful. Watched almost all the videos over the weekend.
    In some videos you have mentioned that you borrow summer homes from Swedish people or are ready to house sit for people in Berlin. How is it done? What is the process? Is it for free or do you have to pay anything to the home owners? Can you tell us more about that?

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