SUNDAY BREAKFAST WITH THE MUSTARDS #8 | sandwiches + anti-gay laws + lab meat + new food processor

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we’re at it again, a new sunday breakfast with the mustards episode !
vegan, relaxed, silly, cucumbers – just the way we like it.

( scroll down for new MUSTARD ON MOVIES episode )

let’s watch !

creative corner :
youtube channel sweet potato soul
with meal plan buddhalicious

favourites :
david – new food epic food processor from philips ! (sponsored)
jenny – värmekudden (our hot water bottle aka ‘the warming pillow’)


ok we’re off celebrating may day now !
( and someone’s birthday tomorrow woop )

happy may 1st guys ^.^

love // jenny & david

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  1. hi, love your videos !
    i would like to know what are your top best vegan places or just places in general in berlin.
    i just arrived there and i am staying here until the end of july.
    i am sure you have good advices !
    kisses !
    maxime, a fan from france ;)

  2. Oooooh, new version – slow-motion workout ;-) I love these videos, they’ve become a highlight of my Sunday.

  3. Lovely savory recipe for a change, Jenny + David! This is my first time hearing about the So Buddhalicious plan and it looks AMAZING. I love its philosophy on balancing plant-based foods and creating a really nourishing meal plan. Sweet Potato Soul has wonderful recipes on her channel as well!

  4. So cute! Loved this one, guys. ;) Details on the sandwiches please! Like, what kind of bread/spread/toppings specifically? Looks so yum!

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