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happy 2018 ! can you believe the new year is already here ? and we all know what comes with it – fresh gym memberships, resolutions and beach 2018. here is my take on the whole thing, let’s try to widen our approach a little […]

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how often do you think negatively about the way your body looks ? if your answer is ‘never’, good for you. otherwise it’s way too often ! today i want to deal with an issue that is bothering almost all of us from time to […]

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who doesn’t want to feel beautiful ? to be happy with ourself and the way you look ? why is it so hard then ? we are all gorgeous in our own quirky ways, we just seem to have a hard time realising it. so […]

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COLUMN : the body image pledge

like i say in the video, i made the original body image pledge video almost exactly one year ago. since there are more of you watching / reading now, i thought this was worth repeating. hope you agree. this is the pledge : 1. i pledge to shift […]

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HEALTH : summer workout wear

summer hit stockholm this week and it’s now too hot for clothes when working out. so this is what i’ve been wearing for the last few workouts. it’s a bit weird seeing my body react in the different moves. it’s like seeing skin is making […]

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TREND : damage clothing

for quite a while now i’ve been the hugest fan of taiwanese brand DAMAGE, a label of fashion website and shop AMPM. i’ve finally got my hands on an outfit (although quite a tiny one i have to admit) and i’m over the moon. i feel […]

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