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ETC : happy birthday to me

it’s my birthday today kiddos ! yep i’m turning 31, feeling like a proper adult. so i’m taking a day off – enjoy a picture of my birthday breakfast for now. courtesy of david of course. see ya ! love // jenny ___ p.s. make […]

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ETC : release party for NEW VEGAN

last night we had a little release party for my book at the publisher’s. me and david were running around like crazy all day – baking crisp bread, mixing aubergine, soaking cashews and getting chocolate all over the kitchen. but some intense and hectic days […]

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ETC : a day off

so i know i’ve been posting a lot about celebrating my new cookbook lately, but exactly when should you celebrate for a whole week if not when publishing your very first book ? so this is from last week, when me and david had a […]

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ETC : surprise brunch to celebrate david

on monday morning, i told david to stay in bed so that i could make him a surprise brunch to continue the celebrations of my new cookbook new vegan. i just really wanted to take care of him and appreciate all that he’s done to make the book happen. […]

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