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ETC : surprise brunch to celebrate david

on monday morning, i told david to stay in bed so that i could make him a surprise brunch to continue the celebrations of my new cookbook new vegan. i just really wanted to take care of him and appreciate all that he’s done to make the book happen. […]

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ETC : the 8 year engagement

i’m not sure what’s going on guys ! seems like lately, all my posts have been about david and romance and all that pink fluffy stuff. not sure if it’s because summer’s in the air making me all sentimental or what’s going on. but i […]

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ETC : my midsummer’s eve

my midsummer’s eve celebration yesterday was just what i needed. so relaxing and beautiful and fun. we were supposed to have a picnic but it was pouring down so heavily all day. so we had an indoors picnic instead – why is everything more lovely […]

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ETC : my birthday weekend

i turned 30 this saturday. so my boyfriend planned a weekend of celebration just for the two of us. to be honest we were too tired to be doing anything intense – this being our first weekend off this year so far. so the theme […]

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