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i’m an impatient being. it’s one of my personality flaws. if i want something, i want it now – no waiting is acceptable. in sweden we have a saying – one who waits for something good, never waits too long. i’ve always found that to […]

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when i think about romance, i think of two kinds of relationships – the ‘opposites attract’ and the ‘kindred spirits’ relationships. they are each other’s opposites. the first one is the classic, the one we get taught to aspire to as kids. centred around the […]

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whenever you express a fascination for style or a will to look good or to have a beautiful home, you get the same type of criticism – that you’re being shallow, superficial, caring about unnecessary flamboyances in a world full of problems, over-materialistic consumerism, poverty, […]

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COLUMN : to believe in yourself

i just realised something recently. i’m no longer standing on the threshold, looking in at my dream life, visible but just out of reach. by moving to this apartment, i’m officially in. i’ve ticked off enough boxes to feel like the life i dreamed about […]

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COLUMN : the 9 year engagement

another year has come and gone once again. yesterday, it was nine years since me and david got engaged. nine years since that giggly night in greece when i asked him to be my fiancé as a joke. nine years since he shocked me by saying […]

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COLUMN : perfectionist vs progressionist

are you a perfectionist ? i’m not. sure i have some perfectionist tendencies, but i prefer seeing it as striving for progression rather than perfection. i’ll never be perfect, no matter how hard i try. i’m not a machine, i’m a natural being. and nature […]

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COLUMN : no more drama

last night me and david spent a few minutes on youtube after watching a sunday night movie. we accidentally stumbled upon a video with a youtuber just talking a lot of shit about another, very well-known, youtuber. now, we always stay away from any kind […]

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