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let’s learn how to enjoy going to the gym – or whatever type of exercising you prefer – so that every single time doesn’t require your harshest self-discipline ! i’ve gone from hating physical activity to now waking up energised and ready to hit the […]

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another fresh start to the week – another fresh THE MUSTARDS podcast episode ! today we talk about how to fall in love with the gym. – how do we motivate ourselves to work out ? – all about quick fixes, 8 week programs, and fad […]

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HEALTH : summer workout wear

summer hit stockholm this week and it’s now too hot for clothes when working out. so this is what i’ve been wearing for the last few workouts. it’s a bit weird seeing my body react in the different moves. it’s like seeing skin is making […]

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COLUMN : how i found health

if you’ve read my other posts you might have noticed that i talk a lot about health. it’s such a fundamental part of my life, and i’ve got a very clear idea of what i think health is, that i’ve taken it for granted that […]

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WORKING OUT : relaxing pilates video

a while back i wrote about my daily exercise routine and got quite a few questions, especially about my pilates workout. therefore i decided to show you guys what it looks like and at the same time invite you to work out together with me. if […]

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WORKING OUT : my daily routine

this winter has been an unusual one. being back in dark, cold sweden did shock my system quite a bit. in november, stockholm had 2 sun hours i think. just imagine. i lost a lot of energy from never seeing the sun. besides from feeling […]

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FASHION : workout wear

working out is always more fun when you look hot while doing it, right ? for me that means all black, grey and white. anyone else having trouble finding workout gear for women that isn’t brightly coloured, or neon detailed ? especially if you don’t […]

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