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is it just me, or have you guys also thought about why some people seem to always find success in whatever they put their minds into, while others struggle so much ? could there be a few specific habits that a lot of successful people […]

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spending our hard earned cash should feel great – choosing to buy the things that truly make life better, more practical, or beautiful. for those of you curious about a more minimalist lifestyle, after we declutter, we don’t want to fill up our space straight […]

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let’s get cosy and chill out – my 10 healthy evening habits that have changed both my nighttime and mornings. say goodbye to stress, anxiety, tense bodies, and uninspired minds. it’s time to get our shit together and make the most out of our evenings […]

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another fresh start to the week – another fresh THE MUSTARDS podcast episode ! today we talk about how to fall in love with the gym. – how do we motivate ourselves to work out ? – all about quick fixes, 8 week programs, and fad […]

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3 THINGS : taking back your health

this video pretty much speaks for itself – 3 ways of getting your health back on track that has really worked for me. it’s basically all about helping yourself out by creating good habits. hope it can be inspiration for those of you who who […]

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COLUMN : how instagram changed my life

it’s easy to sneer at instagram and other social media. we’re often told that we spend too much time documenting our lives, and too little actually living it. taking pics of our dinner, taking pics of places we see, taking pics of people we meet, […]

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FOOD : my top 5 kitchen favourites

in this video i’m listing my top 5 kitchen favourites – things i think everyone should have at home, especially if you’re vegan. i use most of these ingredients almost every day, and my cooking just wouldn’t be the same without them. neither taste- nor […]

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COLUMN : the case for wanting

so i’m surprised and very happy for the response i’ve been getting on my first talkie video that i uploaded last week. in it i discuss what my hopes and dreams are for my youtube channel and for this blog. like expanding it, including more […]

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