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i’m an impatient being. it’s one of my personality flaws. if i want something, i want it now – no waiting is acceptable. in sweden we have a saying – one who waits for something good, never waits too long. i’ve always found that to […]

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ETC : how to be confident – 8 ways

isn’t that something we all want for ourselves – to be able to walk down the street with out heads held high, feeling completely comfortable in our own skin. being able to express who we are without feeling ashamed of ourselves – no matter if […]

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COLUMN : the importance of sadness

in my last column, i wrote about david using champagne, music and soba noodles to celebrate me out of a melancholic state of mind. i want to rewind a little. i want to talk about what that kind of temporary sadness means to me. i’m usually […]

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COLUMN : eating like a minimalist

first of all, it’s not about eating less. for me, it’s about eating well. high quality food, that has as little an impact on the environment as possible. deliciously pleasurable food, that at the same time is good for my body. simple food with few […]

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