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are you lazy ? do you get into the bad habit of procrastinating, wasting time, and being unproductive as soon as no one is watching ? then this video is for you ! i used to be lazy, and now i’m productive and organised and […]

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HOW TO BE COCKY AF | podcast

are you confident ? for some bloody reason, we’re both actually quite comfortable in our own skin, so we thought we’d discuss it with you guys ! we talk about : – why we are confident ! – what is confidence really ? – are […]

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today we talk about getting inspired – where to find motivation and feel like your in a state of inspiration. sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin, so we do our best to help out from our current airbnb apartment in koreatown, LA. we […]

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FASHION : current fashion inspo

we’ve got a whole new year in front of us and everything seems crisp and clean. who knows what fun and intriguing styles 2017 has up its sleeve ? i, for one, is dying to find out. january is the month of inspiration. if you, […]

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