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INTERIOR : apartment snaps

ever since moving in to our new apartment 4 weeks ago, i’ve been having so much fun taking little interior snaps with the trusted old iphone ( as you probably have noticed in my instagram feed ). i’m dying to shoot a new apartment tour […]

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ETC : Q&A video – vol 2

i’ve made another Q&A video, answering some of the most common questions i get, as well as some fun ones i got on instagram the day we shot the film earlier this week. i know i’ve been really bad with replying to your comments lately, […]

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COLUMN : how instagram changed my life

it’s easy to sneer at instagram and other social media. we’re often told that we spend too much time documenting our lives, and too little actually living it. taking pics of our dinner, taking pics of places we see, taking pics of people we meet, […]

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