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COLUMN : i am what i eat

every 3 month, almost all the cells in my body will be replaced. this is hard to understand – that i’m an almost completely new person every 90 days. philosophically, mentally, and intellectually – there is a lot about this to wrap my head around. but […]

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COLUMN : my reaction to haters

every time they say i’m too pale i’m too old i’m too young i’m too vain i’m too fat i’m too skinny i’m too mild i’m too extreme i’m too odd i’m too weird i’m too kind i’m too nerdy i’m too wild i’m too […]

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COLUMN : how i found health

if you’ve read my other posts you might have noticed that i talk a lot about health. it’s such a fundamental part of my life, and i’ve got a very clear idea of what i think health is, that i’ve taken it for granted that […]

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WORKING OUT : my daily routine

this winter has been an unusual one. being back in dark, cold sweden did shock my system quite a bit. in november, stockholm had 2 sun hours i think. just imagine. i lost a lot of energy from never seeing the sun. besides from feeling […]

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