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COLUMN : eating like a minimalist

first of all, it’s not about eating less. for me, it’s about eating well. high quality food, that has as little an impact on the environment as possible. deliciously pleasurable food, that at the same time is good for my body. simple food with few […]

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COLUMN : minimalism – where to begin

it’s different for everyone : how we get attracted to minimalism in the first place. for me it was aesthetic. i didn’t know there was a whole lot more to it. later it begun growing more and more into being about simplifying life, discarding anything that […]

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INTERIOR : my scrapbook

in the age of pinterest, it’s nice to sometimes hold images printed on actual paper. i like the feeling of flipping through a magazine, and i save magazines to go back to when i need inspiration. i’ve got a scrapbook for interior design ideas that […]

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COLUMN : chasing toys

have you ever felt that way – that all you need in life to be happy is to be able to buy that one special thing ? that phone, those shoes,  that bike, those clothes ? the problem with that i find, is that it […]

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COLUMN : are you a minimalist ?

one of the things i appreciate about minimalism is that it’s a non-exclusive term. it’s not dogmatic. there are no leaders to meet. no manifestos you need to read, or groups you need to join. feel free to call yourself a minimalist if you want […]

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INTERIOR : making my mark

we’ve been in our new flat for a little more than a week now. and i think that us trying to minimalistifying the place has paid off quite nicely. most of our stuff now has a place to live, and i’m feeling more and more […]

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