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how healthy is your diet ? are you happy with the way you eat or does your diet make you tired and sluggish ? i used to have somewhat bad eating habits, either under- or overeating. this made me feel always either too full or […]

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HEALTH : 5 weird healthy diet tips

you know i love talking about health. few things has had a bigger importance in my happiness than feeling like i’m taking care of my body. a healthy diet, exercising, stressing down – all of them invaluable. but each and every one of those concepts […]

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3 THINGS : i eat everyday

i’ve published a couple of these 3 things i eat everyday posts on the blog earlier, and they’ve been so popular so why not make a video version ? here are 3 things that i eat ( or drink ) almost everyday, and i think everyone […]

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FOOD : my meal plan for the week #3

a new kind of meal plan post – this time with video ! otherwise it’s just as usual : vegan, healthy, cheap, and time-saving. not to mention delicious of course ^.^ so i know it’s thursday and that might be a weird timing to upload […]

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FOOD : my meal plan for the week #2

another brand new week – is there a better feeling ? it’s time to have a mini fresh start, ask ourselves what we want this week to entail, and sort out how to simplify getting all them nutrients into our body in a cheap, healthy […]

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FOOD : my meal plan for the week

i’ve been taking so long to do this, but finally here it is – a vegan weekly meal plan, with healthy and cheap recipe ideas ! i know some of you have been requesting this for ages, so i hope this is at all helpful […]

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COLUMN : fake meat – yay or nay ?

i don’t know how many times i’ve been asked this question. ‘do you eat fake meat ?’ and when i reply that ‘yes, sometimes i do’, the usual response is about it being weird that vegans eat fake meat, because why would we want to eat […]

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3 THINGS : i eat everyday

if you’ve seen my how to make your smoothie healthier video you already know that i try to eat turmeric everyday. of all the crazy cool plants out there – turmeric is definitely one of my all-time favourites. but there are of course tons of […]

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ETC : my first Q&A video

it feels a bit weird answering questions about myself like this, but hey – you request – i film ! so here goes, my very first Q&A video where i answer some of the most common questions i get asked. let’s watch ! oh here’s […]

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HEALTH : my diet

i love food. and i mean deeply and passionately. i always have. but like i always say : i just choose to eat food that loves me back. i get asked all the time about my diet. what i eat. how much. am i a […]

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