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COLUMN : i am what i eat

every 3 month, almost all the cells in my body will be replaced. this is hard to understand – that i’m an almost completely new person every 90 days. philosophically, mentally, and intellectually – there is a lot about this to wrap my head around. but […]

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RECIPE : turmeric apple porridge

my epic love story with turmeric continues. here’s a breakfast or quick and easy lunch idea for you – turmeric apple porridge with the trimmings ! i like cooking my porridge with a lot of water to make it runnier. that way it’s super easy […]

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FOOD : my top 5 kitchen favourites

in this video i’m listing my top 5 kitchen favourites – things i think everyone should have at home, especially if you’re vegan. i use most of these ingredients almost every day, and my cooking just wouldn’t be the same without them. neither taste- nor […]

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ASK THE VEGAN DR : pros and cons of a vegan diet

meet my friend david stenholtz – consultant of oncology, and chairman of the swedish organisation läkare för framtiden (physicians for the future), or as i like to call him – the vegan super doctor ! needless to say, it’s really great knowing someone who’s an […]

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