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BEAUTY : my simple DIY skin toner

i’ve been using this toner for a couple of years now and i love it. it’s refreshing, antibacterial and pH-neutralising. of course it’s also vegan and organic, and would actually be totally safe to drink ( but oh not so tasty i reckon ). i […]

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RECIPE : peach berry breakfast bowl

the simplest summer breakfast around. peaches, berries and homemade oat milk. a healthy, refreshing, and incredibly easy way to start the day. i usually make a huge batch of oat milk one or two times a week, so i have it ready to go at every […]

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BEAUTY : my simple summer look

this last week, i’ve been keeping my makeup summery light. nude eyes and bright popping lips. just some foundation and lip-colour, and i’m ready to go. how easy is that ? i recently got this lovely foundation and apricot lipgloss from GlamNatural, a new all […]

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TREND : gaia creams – ethical skin care

for almost a year now, i’ve been enjoying making my own skin care products at home. experimenting with ingredients from my kitchen, like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, tahini and porridge. and it’s been working surprisingly well ! however, i think i overestimated my own talent […]

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TREND : vegan makeup site KISSED BY ECO

you know i love promoting ethical indie businesses ! imo we should all make an effort to support local/indie businesses with the philosophy to be a positive force in their industry. one of those businesses i like is swedish makeup website kissed by eco. they sell cruelty-free products, […]

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