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ETC : a drink on the deck

after a crazily hectic monday, we definitively enjoyed a short break on deck with a glass of wine and some edamame beans, before getting to it again. the sun came out and this is one of the very few times my belly has seen the light […]

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ETC : kidnapping david part 1

i absolutely love surprises. both being the surpriser and the surprisee. about 2 years ago i kidnapped david and took him to berlin. he didn’t know a thing until we were at the airport. i figured it was time to surprise him again. this time […]

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ETC : my midsummer’s eve

my midsummer’s eve celebration yesterday was just what i needed. so relaxing and beautiful and fun. we were supposed to have a picnic but it was pouring down so heavily all day. so we had an indoors picnic instead – why is everything more lovely […]

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